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Wedding Photographs

A special Wedding photograph is one of the most important pictures you want to keep. Whether they are your own photographs or your parents there is always a special few that are to be cherished. There are times when photographs are handed down from parents and grandparents that are damaged in some way from time and from the way they might be stored. If such a case arises, I can repair and improve them in almost any way you want.

If you have noticed after receiving your special photos something that is not quite as you would like, my services can be of benefit. It was a windy day so hair, dresses, ties and other items are being messed up but it can be corrected.  Typically, someone was fixing themselves at the wrong moment, or somebody was missing… Don’t worry it can be fixed! Visit my Retouching page to view some examples of what can be achieved.

I can also design photo collages to celebrate and commemorate a wedding day. Some other design options to consider would be mini collages for your photo album, a poster, a table set or simply a Thank You card or even an announcement cards from your engagement… Make it memorable! Check out some of my work in Collages and Cards for some great ideas!