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Photo Restore and Repair

Photo restore and repair requires careful skill and management of the original photograph using the latest specilised software. The objective is to improve the resolution for better clarity without effecting the essence of the age of the photograph.

For mobiles/tablets users, please tap on each side of the picture to move the slider.

  • Before-1944 - Restoring
    After-1944 - Restoring
    Before 1944 - Restoring After
  • Before-InishBofin - Restoring
    After-InishBofin - Restoring
    Before InishBofin - Restoring After
  • Before-Students - Restoration
    After-Students - Restoration
    Before Students - Restoration After
  • Before-Sylvette - Restoring
    After-Sylvette - Restoring
    Before Sylvette - Restoring After
  • Before-Stamp Removal
    After-Stamp Removal
    Before Stamp Removal After
  • Before-Paris - Faded
    After-Paris - Faded
    Before Paris - Faded After
  • Before-Faded
    Before Faded After
  • Before-1979 - Resizing
    After-1979 - Resizing
    Before 1979 - Resizing After
  • Before-Kids - Restoration
    After-Kids - Restoration
    Before Kids - Restoration After
  • Before-Old Painting - Restoration
    After-Old Painting - Restoration
    Before Old Painting - Restoration After

I can fix your photo damaged by storage and age. Your photograph may be faded by the sun? This can be restored to its colourful glory. Would you like you photo resized larger or smaller?

Listed below is some ideas for the type of fixes which can be applied to any photograph. You can use the contact form to upload your photo and get a quotation.

Here is a list of ideas which can be applied to fix your picture

Removal of creases

Removal of staples holes

Removal of paper clips marks

Removal of adhesive tape

Removal of burn marks

Removal of scratches

Removal of watermarks

Removal of date stamps

Add or remove borders

Tear corrections

Missing section repair

Resizing / format change