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Photo Repair and Restoration

The photo repair and restoration services I provide are applicable to both new digital images and older analogue paper based photographs. I will be able to correct your precious wedding, christening, birthday and family function photos. These images can all be corrected and restored to suit your requirements. I am here to help you make your picture or photograph your favorite one. It can most definitely be brought back from old to new. Give your old and new photographs a fresh lease of life for future family and friends to enjoy.

I have a passion for graphic design in general and I have gained a wealth of experience over the last 10 years. I just relish the challenge of restoring old or new pictures. There is a great satisfaction in being able to surprise my customers. I am always asked “How did you do that?”

Please visit the Restoration and Repairs and Coloring pages to view examples of my previous photo repair, restoration, correction and alterations.

For pricing and options of the various types of corrections check out my pricing page. You can use the  contact me page with your details and requests. I will be happy to discuss the options with you.



A friend found this picture in a box of her late great
grand-mother Sylvette who looks like her daughter!
So she asked me to clean it up, keeping it black & white.
Her answer: “Thank you so much Photolimelight!
A very good work with professionalism at a very
good cost. I am delighted!”

  • Before-Photo Repair and Restoration
    After-Photo Repair and Restoration
    Before Photo Repair and Restoration After