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Photo Collage

Today, it is so easy to take a multiple of pictures but we end up with so many stored on our phone, camera or on the computer. We rarely print them out and forget them or we don’t even have enough spaces on the walls.

Collage Calendar

A very useful solution to this is to create a Photo Collage of your most favourite ones. Another idea is to make personalized postcards for friends and family before or after an important event or maybe just one for a special person.

I can offer lots of ideas about how to keep your photos alive and how to share them with the ones you love. I can also supply you with a print ready personalized collage for use on the popular websites where you can print your picture as a poster, a puzzle, a table set and so many more!

Photo collages can be made for the arrival of a new baby, a christening, first communion or confirmation, birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, social events or any special occasion.

I have displayed some samples of my work above. If you have any queries or if you request a quotation please use my Contact form.