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Digital Retouching

Do you have those pictures that you are just not 100% happy with? Would you love to have them altered to the way you originally wanted? With my professional Digital Retouching services I will literally bring a new smile to your face. There are so many options and possibilities available to bring that photo back into the LIMELIGHT!

For mobiles/tablets users, please tap on each side of the picture to move the slider.

  • Before-Glasses Removal
    After-Glasses Removal
    Before Glasses Removal After
  • Before-Portrait - Hairbrushing
    After-Portrait - Hairbrushing
    Before Portrait - Hairbrushing After
  • Before-Removal and Sharpening
    After-Removal and Sharpening
    Before Removal and Sharpening After
  • Before-Holidays - Adding, Removing and Moving
    After-Holidays - Adding, Removing and Moving
    Before Holidays - Adding, Removing and Moving After
  • Before-Portrait - Removal
    After-Portrait - Removal
    Before Portrait - Removal After
  • Before-Some fun! Heads changing
    After-Some fun! Heads changing
    Before Some fun! Heads changing After
  • Before-Some fun - Body Changes
    After-Some fun - Body Changes
    Before Some fun - Body Changes After

What if you receive your photos after a special event and you realise your eyes are closed or your hair is not quite as it should be or how you would have liked it. Imagine the colour of your dress is a completely different shade to what it was on that special day? Well it can all be taken care of with my Digital Retouching services.

My Airbrushing service is useful if you are working on creating a fashion or makeup artistry portfolio and need some important images edited or retouched.

I can change the background in an image, sharpening your photo, or I can simply remove those dreaded “red eyes”.

Whatever you do not like in your favourite picture is fixable with my Professional Digital Retouching service!

It’s quick and easy: just upload your picture for a quote and get it photo fixed in no time!

Sample list of possible work:

People removal or inclusion

Mood creation

Correcting poor photo

Removal of distracting object

Multiplying object

Family photo correction

Professional Photo Shoot correction

Group photo correction

Red eye removal


Colour / Contrast / Brightness correction


Background changes

Body resizing