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About Me

My name is Fanny Peters and I was born in France in 1983. My love for photography started as a child, as my father has always been a keen amateur photographer. Growing up with a father who loves photography and sharing in his passion from a young age has helped me immensely.

Photography lead me toward visual technology studies in which I received a diploma. I then travelled to Ireland in 2005 to work as an assistant to a professional photographer, discovered the digital world and never stop since! My work in photography, designing and retouching has been in continuous use for over 10 years. I gained, within my work and training, extensive experience of adobe Photoshop and adobe Illustrator, and excellent computer skills.

I am the mother of two children for the last four years (with the last one being just new!) and decided to work from home so that I could enjoy seeing them grow every day. Restoring old or new pictures, retouching faces, adjusting images is what I absolutely love along with the challenge of working with technology, which grows year on year! The hope is that I can give you the opportunity to have the picture that will become your favourite one! The smile I get back when my customer views the result is the greatest compliment! Thank you for keeping my passion alive!!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries or comments!